2 thoughts on “Dr. Stu’s Podcast #118 : “Nebraska Birth Keeper”

  1. Diana

    I would strongly, strongly caution health practitioners against this. The arguments advanced by PMA advocates are gross misapplications of constitutional law and anyone who asserts otherwise is selling a lie. Many state and federal bodies such as licensing bodies, departments of public health and the FDA have successfully reached beyond PMAs to sanction members for violating laws they are seeking to avoid. The man who popularized the PMA concept among alternative health practitioners has been convicted of several federal crimes and is not even lawyer. PMAs are not a well kept secret. They’re a scam and I’m super concerned to see them taking hold among midwives.

  2. I would also caution about it as well. My question would be, “Has this PMA been tested in a court of law?”. It’s one thing to pay a lawyer $6000 to do some paperwork. It is quite another to be charged and then come out the other side. In general, it’s all well and good to practice until you have a bad outcome or you get a complaint to the government from a public member.

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