Dr. Stu’s Podcast #127: Tangled Heads

From interlocking twins to using your head wisely, Dr. Stu and Blyss ponder why the brain often gets in the way of common sense. Blyss gets a new nickname.

One thought on “Dr. Stu’s Podcast #127: Tangled Heads

  1. Dr Stu and Ms Blyss, I’m so grateful to have found your podcast recently! I’ve really enjoyed the great content and feel as if it’s like a mini support group for my birth work. I am an RN working as a doula and birth educator in lower Alabama where our birthplace and caregiver options have been severely limited but are slowly improving.
    I attended a birth this week for a very well educated couple who were faced with the unfortunate pressure to induce labor with their first baby due to post dates based on an early ultrasound. After a night with cervidil and 14 hours of pit, baby remained high and the cervix remained closed. Baby did beautifully throughout and so did mother, moving and walking though the contractions. The decision was made with the parents and dr to section since at this point, baby was 42+1, and the doctor was very nervous about baby’s health despite having just had a 14 hour stress test that showed baby was in great health. Baby came out folded in half like a breech baby, with springy legs and holding on to an ankle, but in great health and AGA, less than 8 lbs, no meconium staining. dr wondered if maybe the feet were trying to come down with the head preventing pressure on the cervix. I wonder if mom just needed another week. Of course, these parents were thrilled baby was healthy but very disappointed it ended with a c-section. My next concern for this mother is whether she will be able to find a caregiver willing to support a vbac in her next pregnancy if she is a long gestator (probably not a real word!). Alabama just passed legislation to license CPM’s for home births; however, no vbacs are allowed. I take every birth experience personally and wonder what I could have done differently. Can/should I encourage a mom to use informed refusal when faced with such choices past 42 weeks? This mother knew it was an option but felt her Dr was already well out of her comfort zone in allowing her to go to 42 weeks and didn’t want to push it further. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated! Keep up the great work – you’re both such an inspiration! And Blyss, I LOVE your laugh! Continued blessings, protection, and presence of the Lord to you both!!
    Jennifer Crigger
    Beit Birth

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