2 thoughts on “Dr Stu's Podcast #16 – Doctor Shall Submit

  1. Mark Twain is quoted as saying, “People always complain about the weather but nobody does anything about it”. I would like to suggest that we do have a say about our healthcare and to sit idly by and simply complain is as complicit it its downfall as those who manipulate it actively for their own agenda. Do not submit!

  2. A'Maya Ettien

    I love this podcast!! All if them, but this none really touched me because I like to think about the language that we use, and what those words really mean.
    I also was not aware of how tightly strangled many doctors are by the insurance companies, and learned a lot.
    I am a licensed midwife and I went back and read through my informed consent, and realized that I had called myself a provider in it! Inimmediatly changed it!
    Keep this awesome podcast coming. I love it!!

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