3 thoughts on “Dr. Stu’s Podcast #70: Measles Isn’t Just Plucked Off a Cherry Tree

  1. Alisa

    Great podcast! Thank you for speaking truth to power or should I say truth to hysteria about the measles and vaccines. It’s not a black and white, science vs non-believers of science issue. There are many areas of grey and there is room for sensible, reasonable questions and caution ie: there is no reason to give an infant a Hepatitis vaccine. What I have mostly objected to is the amount of vaccines given to infants….and I also believe in building up natural immunity to common childhood illnesses. Very few people are “anti-vaxx” as they call us, but rather people who believe we can pick and choose what is warranted and when.
    And yes, go out and get dirty, kids!
    By the way, I always heard that you say “God Bless You” when someone sneezes because their spirit leaves them for that second of sneezing so you bless the spirit back in them!

  2. Christina Hernandez

    Bonding topic was great! I have to say when my son was born, he was 24 weeks. They took him right away and I wasn’t allowed to hold him for 6 weeks. Too this day bonding has never been the same with him as it was with my girls. When I was given him to take home after 4 months in the Nicu, I felt as if I had adopted a child. Completely different than my girls who never left my side from day one. We never had instant bonding. It’s hard to explain to people what that feeling is like.

  3. Just have to laugh out loud that you are both standing there with McDonalds in your hands… too funny.

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