Dr. Stu’s Podcast #75: Rebel with a Cause


Kimberly Durdin rejoins Dr. Stu and Brian for some good old home birth talk. President Clinton chimes in.

Maybe We Should Agree to Disagree

3 thoughts on “Dr. Stu’s Podcast #75: Rebel with a Cause

  1. Ruth Mielke, PhD, CNM, WHNP

    Interesting discussion – will put the link in one of my courses so that my midwifery students can hear this great conversation. Thanks for mentioning Yalda’s commentary! She is a wonderful MD to work with – have had the opportunity to do so at California Hospital.

  2. Well, OK, my website is simple barebones and I hardly keep it up, so please don’t judge me by it LOL

    I’m a midwife from long back — still working but mostly teaching now, here in the US and some internationally, and do a bit of online for midwife and childbirth groups.

    I’ve always heard the wonderful things about Dr Stu …
    I finally got to listen to the podcast!
    I love this format — like the true old Talk Radio shows!

    I posted the link on FB.
    And I look forward to listening to many more.

  3. Robin Corley

    Kudos Kimberly Durdin! I am thoroughly impressed by your knowledge and expertise on the home birthing debate.

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