Dr. Stu’s Podcast #78: “A Sensitive, Urgent Matter”


Brian gets a good scare from a less than compassionate medical office worker.

One thought on “Dr. Stu’s Podcast #78: “A Sensitive, Urgent Matter”

  1. Karen Donald

    I work as a self employed LMC (lead maternity carer )in rural New Zealand covering an area of 100kms or more radius. . and caring for women….many who want me specifically because they are wanting to make informed decisions on birthing outside the New Zealand Guidelines. .so support women to birth physiologically their twins, vbac at home or at a birthing unit after 1 or 2 caesareans…I believe in the psychological preparation as well as the physical preparation of my clients and we work together with their whanau /family to awhi/embrace and support this journey…I have to work like I do and thinking ahead with them in planning because I am not close in their back door. ..and even through this distance obstacle, I care for 4 to 6 women each month plus after birth care til 6 weeks, the women’s journey flows and they usually get what they want. ..mostly physiological with physiological third stage, prolonged cord pulsation, lotus birth if that’s what they want etc. ..I heard about you from Facebook as I was looking for more information to share on my group page ‘With Women Midwifery’ especially for specific clients needs….and find your knowledge stimulating. ..hopefully in the future you may think about coming to New Zealand as I would be interested in linking you in with some of our midwife and consumer meetings to explore the journey of pregnancy and birth from your perspective. …arohanui from Taupo, New Zealand

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