Dr. Stu’s Podcast #80: Obstetric Violence

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Dr. Stu welcomes LA Birthkeepers, Emilee Benner & Kimme McGuire who discuss traumatic moments in the delivery room.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Stu’s Podcast #80: Obstetric Violence

  1. Carolyn Gall

    Thank you for bringing this subject forward. I wrote to Dr. Stu about the Obstetric violence I was subjected to at Manchester Hospital in Manchester Memorial Hospital in CT. Dr. Lenora Williams birth raped me when I was giving birth to a surrogate baby. She forced me onto my back and cut me without any consent and in a manner which was done out of anger. I was ignored. Spoken about in front of (talked over). Terrified! Just like they said in the interview “I asked the Dr. to stop” when she was hurting me. She ignored me. I never consented to an episiotomy! No informed consent! Carolyn Gall Greenfield AAHCC

  2. I’m so excited to welcome Kimberly Durdin and Shelia Feldman to Well Baby Center. Their work with new parents beautifully compliments the mindful parenting and counseling work we do at Well Baby Center.

  3. Elke Saunders

    Great interview. It would be really helpful to hear from some of the foreign birthing mothers that were horrified with the way they were treated in the US hospitals. Or possibly women who have had births in a variety of contexts or providers here in the states. I think hearing first hand with mothers would be informative and much more powerful that hearing “I’ve seen this” and “I’ve seen that” from a third party.

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