One thought on “Dr Stu On Breech Babies

  1. Karen Pancholi

    Hello Dr Stu.
    I just wanted to say hello from Surrey, England. I started listening to your podcast just a week ago, and I have already listened to over 20 of them. Thank you for bringing sanity and calmness to this area of health. I am 46 years old, 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Currently, he is in a breech position. One of your podcasts mentioned seven criteria for a safe vaginal delivery. Can you please discuss those in a podcast very soon or maybe write me back and let me know? I wish you were nearby to deliver my baby, but alas, that is not possible.
    I have hired a doula and am meeting with a midwife this week who delivers breech babies. I wouldn’t mind a hospital birth but I have a feeling from my hospital midwife that they would most likely want me to have a cesarian. I am not interested unless it is REALLY necessary. I can’t even spell that word so how can I have one? haha!
    Anyway, thank you for all that you do. What a blessing you are!

    Best wishes,
    Karen Pancholi
    PS. Can you also please post this video that I am commenting on? Neither of the videos seem to work. Thanks again!

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